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    Organic Agriculture | USDA

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8 Reasons To Go Organic

Avoid chemicals


Preserve our ecosystems


Keep our children and future safe


Certified organic farms meet stringent standards


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Avoid GMO


Support farming directly


Tastes better and benefit from more nutrients


Avoid hormones, antibiotics and drugs in animal products

Juice With Fresh Organic Fruits & Vegetables

We Juice With 100% Organic, Locally Grown Produce, As Often As Possible

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Organic Farm

The Best Food For You

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GoGreen Organic Farm is a small organic farm, we do our best to act as stewards of the land we’re working. For the 2016 season we are growing plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Our products can be found in restaurants,  the Envato Farmers’ Market, the Forest Farmers’ Market and the WP Community Market.

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Farmer Market

You can also find our organic produce on farmer's market at These Locations! Click >>

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Places To Buy Organic Produce


We bring fresh, seasonal organic produce from our family farm right to your doorstep. You choose the Box Type, Size and Frequency of your deliveries.

Delivery Areas

Local deliveries (within approx 20 miles of the farm) – We are able to offer deliveries to specific local postcodes at a reduced rate of $3.39.

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Delivery Days

See where you would fall in our current delivery days, or equally just contact us with your postcode and we will get back to you.

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